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WDMA, Inc. is committed to complying with the requirements of ISO 9001 & AS9100 and to the continual improvement of our quality management system. Quality is definable and manageable. We measure our performance based on compliance to the ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100 quality standards and our customer’s requirements.

The cornerstones of this philosophy are:

  • Quality is conformance to requirements,
  • On time delivery is part of quality,
  • Quality products establish their own equitable cost-price relationships,
  • Each employee has a significant impact upon, and contribution to, quality.

The entire WDMA, Inc. team will adhere to the spirit and intent of this firm’s quality policy, as well as the directives of our quality manual to ensure that customer satisfaction is achieved at all times, and in all products.

AS9100 Certificate

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